First Republic, there’s a deal: JPMorgan will get the deposits and nearly all of the San Francisco bank’s assets

In extreme cases the solution comes to First Republic Bank: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Fdik) took over the bank and concluded a an agreement Most for sale origins to JPMorgan Chase & Co. This was stated in a statement issued by the US regulatory body. JPMorgan will handle everything $103.9 billion to deposits Republic First and you will buy most of them $229.1 billion to activity. Within two months, the United States experienced failures Silicon Valley Bank And Signature Bankwhich caused financial earthquake With consequences also in Europe.

Overnight, regulators negotiated a solution to First Republic Bank’s problems, hoping to find a solution exit beforeopen markets US stocks today in a pivotal week for financial system American: Tuesday, in fact, the executive branch of feed itWednesday Jerome Powell The decision will be conveyed on interest rates The most reliable hypothesis is that a further increase in 0.25%. JPMorgan — it was written in a press release from the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation — “will handle all deposits, including those non-believerbasically All goods From First Republic Bank.” The California regulator then called the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Fdic) bankruptcy trustee The bank headquartered in San Francisco. Deposits are federally insured by the FDIC and subject to applicable limits.

First Republic, Regional Bank San Francisco, saw evaporation 75% valuable on Wall Street Since last MondayAfter confirming the leakage $100 billion of deposits in First Quarter of the year. On March 8, the day Silicon Valley revealed the losses that led to the deposit run and subsequent collapseHis shares were worth $115. Friday night, after Wall Street closed, it dropped to $3.51. Now the stock exchange is only valid 650 million dollars.

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