First Division – Calcio returned yesterday in New York. the report

Serie A has arrived in the USA: The opening ceremony was held yesterday at the prestigious venue of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Italian football landed in the United States. Let’s see how it was done in the report on .’s website Italian Serie A: “It happened last night, in a prestigious place The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Yorkopening event,Football is back‘, which – which Officially representing the Italian Serie A relegation in the USAto.

Many personalities from the institutional, commercial, cultural, sports and entertainment world who participated in Italian Serie A partyWhich was also attended by all the top league clubs and champions like Alessandro Del PieroAlexander NestaAndrew Pirlo and Christian Fieryambassadors of the Italian Serie A, as well as famous basketball champions NBA and football NFL.

“TheOur project started more than two years agoWe believe in him very much. It’s 20 years later than it should have beenLuigi explained de servo, CEO of Lega Serie A, during the introductory press conference. “Those who came before us focused only on Italy and other priorities. Now we have new tools. Lega Serie A isn’t what it used to be, it’s rolling its skills, we’re more and more a media company, we do entertainment for all intents and purposes, we don’t just play football“.

Entertainment this year was certainly not absent, as Bobo Vieri, one of the Serie A ambassadors, explained: “Calcio Back is a perfect motto. This year the tournament has been great, exciting, the best of the last 11-12 years. Until a month ago, there were three teams competing for the Scudetto, and even in the safety zone, they fought until the last minute“.

With the opening of the office in New York, the Lega Serie A Championship aims to “To gradually develop the Serie A product, to make up for lost time and intercept those who aspire to football in the United StatesCompared to other leagues, explained de Servo.The number of fans abroad is not much different, but there is a big difference in the rate of change, because they worked before us on the concept of “community”. So there is a huge margin for improvement.” De Servo said he was ‘excited’ about the relationship with CBS, the main broadcaster of Lega Serie A in the United States. “We are working to enable them to increase the audience.”

“We will also try to exploit the way we establish relationships Make sure that Serie A becomes an element of socialization. The goal is to empathize with those who play soccer or watch soccer,” de Servo concluded, anticipating “the opening of two more hubs such as the Center in New York, and the goal is to have a direct chain of principles around the world, a year and a half from now.” The Italian league is the target of desire of a number of major investors. The value of our football will come back to running.” (legaseria.it)

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