First day of reopening in England

On April 12th in England The second phase From the government’s pandemic easing plan, which provides for the reopening of non-essential stores, public buildings, swimming pools, gyms, bars, bars and restaurants, which can only operate outdoors but without time limits. In particular, the reopening of the bars – a traditional meeting place for many Britons – has been celebrated in some cases since Sunday night, when some people waited for midnight outside the building to be able to buy “the first beer of 2021”.

The fact that England was able to ease restrictions is mainly due to the strict lockdown imposed by the government at the beginning of January, which included a ban on leaving the home except for health or necessity reasons, and the excellent performance of the campaign. Vaccine. The UK has in fact succeeded in independently negotiating the supply of vaccines and has adopted a very stringent strategy of administering the first dose to as many people as possible without worrying about holding stocks for boosters.

Regardless of the data for small countries, the country is currently able to vaccinate the highest percentage of the population after Israel: 47 percent of people received the first dose of the vaccine, but only 11 percent completed the vaccination cycle. The combination of vaccine protection after the first dose with severe restrictive measures contributed to a sharp reduction in infection and in ICU patients.

If things continue like this, Phase 3 of the government’s plan should begin on May 17: by that time, the maximum of six people for outdoor gatherings will be increased to 30, and two family groups will also be able to meet indoors and bars and restaurants will reopen as well. Inside, a maximum of 6 people at the table, cinemas, museums, hotels and sporting events will reopen, but always with respect to physical distance.

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In the rest of the United Kingdom, the reopening will take place at other dates, decided by the respective governments: on Monday 12 April, non-essential stores also reopen in Wales, while in Scotland they will reopen on 26 April. However, in Northern Ireland, there is currently no exact date for reopening.

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