First day of nightmare school

They will not forget the first day of school so easily. Not only because the students of the first “Kuluza” school were the “debut” in primary school, but also because today They didn’t even have the opportunity to teach in a “normal” classroom equipped with regular offices. And they came home probably more tired now that they became Sit on the floor drawing.

They have been detained In the gym The institute including the lessons of the first grade children who received, at a certain time in the morning, a visit from the mayor Roberto Gravina accompanied by education advisor Luca Britano and school principal Maria Antonita Rizzo.

“I don’t know how he was not ashamed to go to the children who have Ride with paper on a chairmother complaint. She and the other parents didn’t know what “fate” would befall their children: The first day of school was supposed to be a get-together party and it was a disaster. Classes will likely continue like this for a few more days.

to cause inconvenience Failure to complete the work in the building owned by a private person (Businessman Santoro, ed.) With whom the municipal administration stipulated a one-year lease using the allocated funds allocated by the government. The building on the Insorti d’Ungheria in Campobasso will this year host four classes of the comprehensive “Colozza” institute, one of which today – as we have said – has taken a gym class without even the benches.

Unfortunately, the work was not completed in time Ministerial funding has arrived late‘ confirms the education consultant Luca Brittano. “Without this cash on hand, we were unable to sign the contract with the private individual to rent the building. If the principal had asked us to postpone the start of lessons for this class as well, we would have done so.”

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In the two-storey building (one 270 square meters and the other 170 square metres), three classrooms are built, one Covid plus one for professors on the first floor, while on the ground floor there are two other classrooms as well as a large hall. They are equipped with toilets (two on the first floor and three on the ground floor). The works carried out by the owner himself, Santoro, based on the indications of the principal. In turn, it stipulated a one-year lease with the municipality for 65,000 euros (53,000 euros, with VAT and management).

Today – adds the commissioner – they accuse us that the administration opened schools late. It is true, but I would like to remind you that there are bureaucratic times that must be respected and everyone who ran it before us must know it (referring to the Pd leader Giose Trivisonno who attacked the M5S management, editor).” Finally, Brittano notes, “We have received €140,000 in Covid funds from Ministry, we all used it.”

Unfortunately, the problems that the parents of the students of the Colusa school complained about were not the only ones. Even young children from Kindergarten across Tiberio did not return to the classroom: in this case also it was necessary to complete the renovation of the linoleum (made from scratch because some parts had risen and there was a risk of tripping). Pupils of “Nina Guerrizio” at Berlinger Road also stayed at home, where an additional classroom was set up to ensure compliance with security measures to control infection. (SP)

Back to school and the race to complete construction sites: the opening of two complexes postponed to Monday

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