Firmware 9.00 is causing major problems for some users –

L ‘Firmware Update 9.00 from PS4 He causes big problems For some users, so much so that they are complaining about it online and asking for a quick fix. Some of them are so bad that they practically broke the console.

According to what can be read online, many are complaining that their PS4 is getting slower after installing firmware 9.00. But for others, the situation is worse. For example Reddit user TheIronGhost states that patch He broke his console, to the point where he couldn’t even move between menus. After seven reboots, it was finally able to launch the PlayStation Store, but was unable to do anything. The same issue has been reported by other users.

Playstation 4

In addition, there are those who have complained that they have to restart the system every time they want to launch a game, while others cannot open TV and media apps. There are those who are no longer able to connect after the update Foreman, who got the wrong screenshots they had never seen before. Safe mode doesn’t seem to fix the situation either.

Of course it is fair to note that users with problems are in the minority, compared to those who installed firmware 9.00 without experiencing crashes or freezes. Whatever the case, if you are among the unlucky ones, contact Sony Technical Support to solve the problem.

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