Firewatch has a hidden inside, nintendo 64-style mini-platformer –

Fire control Has been accomplished 5 years On these days and in celebration of their anniversary, Campo Santo has unveiled A. Secret hidden inside, Which someone might have discovered but may have remained hidden from most people, namely A. Small gaming platform Reminiscent of the style of titles Nintendo 64Found on the Nintendo Switch edition.

These five years have told a success story of Firewatch, which was considered by many to be one of the best “walking simulators” to date and rated well on these pages in their review, and it is strange that these details remain hidden for a long time .. it is clear that the problem of the mini-game can You’re a spoiler even if it’s not related to the main story of the game, but we warn you anyway.

While playing in Firewatch on the Nintendo Switch, it is possible to spot a box of supplies at some point, with cartridge For Nintendo 64, or something very similar, can be accessed by entering the code “1964”. The cartridge is called Forrest 64 and unfortunately cannot fit the Nintendo 64 in the game, but another system that makes less sense is needed.

To start the game, you need to attach the cartridge to one statuette The protagonist, Forrest Burns, who is inside the Firewatch. This launches a strange 3D platformer-style mini-game with the protagonist running and jumping around forests and collecting various rewards, all within three different game modes.

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