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a job! It’s time to prepare for the arrivalEvent The most anticipated films in Italy and thanks for Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max It’s easier and more fun to immerse ourselves in the cinema atmosphere.

with Fire TV Stick 4K Maxthe switch that connects directly to the TV’s HDMI port and turns it into a smart TV, we can access Prime Videoand Netflix and Disney + and other online platforms quickly and easily. Moreover, with Voice remote control Alexa You can search for content and start playing it with your voice: just ask, for example, Alexa, open Prime Video.

with Wide range of movie showsWe just have to choose what we watch by allowing ourselves to be an inspiration to some gods The most famous directors competing in the Venice Lido Festival Through their cult films, real unmissable milestones in the cinema, to watch and review while waiting for new releases.

Here are five directors whose timeless movies are available on Prime Video thanks to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max:

  • Darren Aronofsky: Appears at this year’s film festival with the film WhaleA comedy-drama starring Brendan Fraser and Sadie Sink, it tells the story of an obese Professor Charlie who tries to connect with his estranged daughter in search of a chance for redemption. Among Aronofsky’s most successful films, it cannot be missed black SwanThe psychological thriller that has become a cinematic event since its release, as Natalie Portman plays dancer Nina Sayers who wrestles with her dark side as she plays one of the world’s most famous ballet performances, Swan Lake.
  • Andrew Dominic: for him Blonde It is already causing discussion of criticism. The film is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller of the same name and reinvents the life of Marilyn Monroe. Waiting for the official release, including Dominic’s most famous films Jesse James was murdered by the coward Robert Ford And the Kogan – Kill them softlyboth played by Brad Pitt, available on Prime Video.
  • Alejandro Gonzalez InarrituCompete with the movie cool (False crónica de unas cuantas verdades), the story of a journalist trying to find answers in the past to reconcile with his present. It is the director’s first feature film since the release of return With Leonardo DiCaprio, a story of survival and betrayal inspired by true events in wild America. always available Prime videowe also find 21 grams – weight of the soulanother great success of the Mexican director, played by Sean Penn.
  • Luca Guadagnino: he is called bones and everything The new film by Palermo director is based on the novel of the same name by Camille de Angelis, a liberating road trip about two people in search of themselves. There are already those who claim that it will keep viewers glued to the screen, and in the meantime, we can get into the director’s mind thanks to Fire TV Stick 4K Max And the Prime video where it is available Call me by your name And the suspensetwo of the films that made the Italian director famous all over the world.
  • Florian Zeller: very much expected SonThe new drama by French director Hugh Jackman and Vanessa Kirby. There is no escape from Anthony Hopkins who after winning an Oscar for his performance in the fatherZeller’s first feature film, is also joining the cast of the new film. You can buy or rent the father on me Prime video.

with Fire TV Stick 4K Max We just have to make ourselves comfortable and ask Alexa To search for the films we want by saying “Alexa, find/play [titolo]” And control reproduced simply by our voice.

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