Fiorenzuola, the new head of medicine and long-term care is Luca Zanlari

Doctor Luca Zanlari He is the new Chief Physician for the Complex Medicine and Long-Term Care Unit of the Val d’Arda Individual Hospital, based in Building A of the Fiorenzuola Hospital. On the official appointment days after the competition organized by the health company. Dr. Zanlari, 47, has always worked at the individual hospital in Val d’Arda, where he arrived in 2005, right after completing his residency in internal medicine at the University of Parma, his home city. At the invitation of the chief medical doctor of the time in Fiorenzuola Giuseppe SephardiDr. Zanlari started out at Oncology Day Hospital, where he has worked until now, becoming a valuable point of reference for patients and their families. The new chief medical officer lives in Fiorenzuola, is married and has two daughters. Doctor’s wife Annalisa ArkariHematologist at the Hospital of Piacenza.

The Fiorenzuola Medicine and Long-Term Care unit that Zanlari will lead now has 48 beds, most of which are for elderly patients and acutely ill patients. Most important is the use of 8 beds in the intensive observation area, which is led by Dr. Emmanuel Bassi, Another highly respected internist from Val d’Arda Hospital. In addition to Zinlari and Bassi, there are 6 other doctors: Corrado Borsotti, Giuliana Bondi, Elenia Buscemi, Antonella Cara, Walter jocheon Finally Giuseppe EloHe is now close to achieving specialization. The last three doctors were geriatricians.
Onco-haematology Day Hospital will also continue to operate, with two oncologists ensuring that Fiorenzuola is here twice a week (I’m Dr. to bite friendship. inzerelli, The latter is newly appointed) and the hematologist is also present twice a week Elena Trabaci.

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