Finland, outgoing Prime Minister Sanna Marin resigns as leader of the Social Democrats and will not run again

It’s time to make room for a new leader and new troops. It’s time to step back from the front row with the others. I have decided not to run for leadership SDP extension At the party congress in September a Jyvaskyla. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I think it’s the right one.” With a post about Instagram Outgoing Prime Minister Sana Marin He announced his resignation as leader Social democrats FinnsHe stated that he would not run for another term.

there resolution It comes after the electoral defeat in the elections April 2which saw the victory of the Conservatives. at one end naked Characteristics of a leader coalition National Petrie Orbo He claimed the victory that granted him NavyWhich ruled out the entry of a new government if the prime minister in the future Petrie Orbo He will choose to ally with Leave Not with the far right. “I don’t think I’m likely to be a part of it a team Ministerial“, He said Navy. “I did not get an international assignment. I will continue to work deputyThe leader of the Social Democratic Party explained. Recalling the “great honor” of leading the government over the past three and a half years, NavyShe, who became an internationally recognized figure during her tenure, also confided in “extremely difficult times”. “I have to frankly admit that my resistance has been tested over the years,” he explained.

there 37 year old Marinewell known abroad, very popular at home, also thanks to the perfect management of pandemicHe pushed the Social Democrats to the left in the election campaign, focusing on welfare and above all on education which he believes can restore the country’s wealth, instead attributing the increase in public debt solely to the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine and saying he is against any spending cuts. there Orpo Alliance Instead, he called for €6 billion in austerity measures, to return public debt to the utopian values ​​of the European Union. the True Finns Instead, they express anti-immigrant and Eurosceptic positions, starting with the demand that the commitment to climate neutrality in 2035 not be respected, without denying the long-standing, long-term goal of “Fixit”, an exit Finland from the European Union.

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