Fininvest sold its stake in Mediobanca

Fininvest, the Berlusconi family’s financial company, sold Its stake in Mediobanca Group, which is equivalent to 2 per cent of the company’s capital, is approximately € 174 million. Mediobanca is the main Italian investment bank, and Fininvest has had shares since 2007. Currently, Fininvest shares have been bought by Unicredit, which must act as a middleman to sell to another person: there are still no official confirmations of who will buy them, but many newspapers , including Corriere della SeraAnd the they write Leonardo Del Vecchio likely did so through his financial company, Delfin.

Del Vecchio is the founder of Luxottica and one of the richest men in Italy, and Delfin is already the majority shareholder in Mediobanca with a 13.2 percent stake. Last August, the European Central Bank He has given permission To Delfin to acquire up to 20 per cent of Mediobanca’s shares, months later Delfin expressed a desire to increase his shares, sparking opposition from Mediobanca managers who did not want a shareholder strong enough to be able to adapt it. At the end of May 2020, Delfin held about 9 percent of Mediobanca shares, and today it has 13.2 percent: if it acquires 2 percent of Fininvest, it will reach 15.2 percent.

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