Fines of up to 15,000 euros

According to a new rule, incorrect use of a checking account can result in a very high fine. Here’s what the law says.

Bank account
Current Account Alert –

Most of the citizens around the world decided in order to accumulate money received from their salaries or from other sources instead of accumulating a large sum of money at home opening Bank account.

Thanks to this bank depositThe citizen can make sure that all the liquidity is entered into his account in his name so that the bank’s funds can be used electronically.


This checking account can be used by both her whose I count Headed but also by private companies Who have accounts in the name of the company from which they can withdraw funds for expenses and receive payments.

Current Account: Beware of Fines
Current Account –

While singles use the account more to direct their own accounts a wage So that it is issued in the form of a bank transfer and deducted by yourself Services So there is some form of savings company you use for mentoring cash flow This is also through wire transfers.

For this reason, the checking account allows you to use this money for all those instruments that require a payment that replaces cash, and for this reason for several months in all stores there is an obligation to be able to make the customer pay with L ”home baking.

In fact, many merchants who previously did not have the possibility to make the customer pay with a credit card, were, by law, forced to purchase POS or a Summarization So that the buyer can pay for the product or service without converting cash.

Current Account: Beware of Fines
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But current account holders should be very careful not to risk a fine, the fine may reach €15,000 If there are any abnormalities in this regard.

In fact, from the first of July, to faceTax evasionThere were new restrictions on checking account use and withdrawals from ATM of the money contained therein.

For this reason, citizens are forced to undergo tracking of their purchases, in relation to those made with electronic money, in order to more effectively highlight the income that is considered additional.

This is why you get a big fine

Often, in fact, some of the jobs that are commonly called are not declared on the tax return “to the black” whose contributions are not paid and there is no contract by law.

For this reason, the government has strengthened traceability channels for purchasing goods and services starting from the cash usage limit as published in Official Gazette No. 157/2019.

Expected and accepted payment limits have been lowered from 1999.99 € Valid until December 31, 2021 to me €999.99very well 1000 euros less compared to the previous year.

Moreover, if there is an anomaly and this is not reported in time torevenue agency He will most likely end up with a fine starting from 3000 EUR reach the number €15,000.

Current Account: Beware of Fines
Tax evader –

For this reason, the income perception must always be made public and we must be careful to pay the expected contributions to the Pension Fund, especially if we are independent.

So it is always best to contact a professional, such as a bookkeeper or accountant, to ensure that you do not run into these errors and do not risk getting a very high fine.

Tax evaders are one of the many problems he faces Italian state He has been trying to fight for many years, also due to the lack of employment contracts and unpaid working conditions as they should be and implemented within the limits of legality.

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