Fines of up to 1,000 euros

from August 6 green lane In Italy, it will be used to access a long list of activities, in addition to those already planned such as weddings, RSA and major events. This action will require the adoption of measures to implement it, under pain of penalty Fines of up to 1,000 euros.

But how will the certificates be checked and how will you ensure their authenticity and validity? there comesa program: is called Verifica C19 They will be installed on a mobile device to validate green certificates and eliminate the risk of allowing customers to possess fake green passes sold on Telegram and on the dark web or “borrowed” from friends.

Application Free And it works even without an internet connection, so scammers calculating in the absence or in network problems in some areas are warned to avoid the tight control of the green lane.

The official website guarantees privacy protection: scanning the customer’s QR code through VerificationC19 does not store personal information on the console device.

How is the green lane checked

In cases where the green pass is required, the person shows the QR code in digital or paper format.

L ‘Responsible for controlling the green lane With the Verification C19 app installed on the device, it reads the QR Code, extracts the information and proceeds with the validation of the qualified electronic seal. Verify that the certificate is valid and show the verification staff the actual authenticity and passability, as well surname name NS date of Birth from pregnant.

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Green traffic data must match your personal data identity document, which may be requested at the time of the check.

For those found without a green pass where it is mandatory and for dealers who do not apply the rule there is a penalty that drops From 400 to 1000 euros. If the violation is repeated, the business may be closed.

Who controls the green lane?

As explained by the Ministry of Health on the official green portal, those who can verify the certificate are:

  • police and public officials
  • Personnel assigned to monitor services Recreational and performance activities in places open to the public or in public institutions registered in the list referred to in Article 3, paragraph 8, of Law No. 94
  • I pregnant From accommodation facilities and public facilities or their representatives

* Owners o Venue Managers Where events and activities that require green lane take place, or their delegates

* Managers of the structures they provide HealthcareHealth, Social and Welfare in order to obtain the required green certificate as visitors, as well as their delegates.

Who checks the green lane when traveling

Controlling the green lanes for i Traveling from abroad to Italy It is carried out by carriers at the time of boarding passengers.

Checks must ensure that passengers comply with the requirements to come to Italy, which is the certificate that proves Completion of the prescribed course of vaccination for at least 14 days, or recovery from Covid up to 180 days before and at the end of credit isolation, or a negative result of a molecular or antigenic smear taken within 48 hours prior to citizens who transited or resided in one of the countries listed in the last 14 countries. C days (EU countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Israel), Canada, Japan or the United States.

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For entry into Italy from the UK, on ​​the other hand, there is an obligation to present the carrier with the green certificate to take antigenic or molecular swabs within 48 hours before entering Italy, to inform their entry to the 3 blocking department of the competent ASL, respecting the period Credit isolation equals 5 days It is subject to a molecular or antigenic smear at the end of the quarantine. The obligation to report an individual’s entry remains to the relevant ASL for entries from the United Kingdom, countries listed D and E (excluding Canada, Japan and the United States).

Please note that a Tinge antigen or molecular for i Subjects from the age of 6 and up He does not have a certificate of vaccination or cure.

Finally, for all entries from abroad, please note the obligation to fill out the Digital Locator Passenger Form (dPLF) by the passenger as well as verified by the carrier at the time of boarding. In the event that the passenger has not completed the DPLF, the carrier must obtain the self-declaration on paper from itself, verify that it has been completed correctly (ie the form is legible and fully completed) and keep it for at least 30 days pursuant to Art. 52 Paragraph 1 of the Prime Minister’s decision dated March 2, 2021.

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