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Finding a strange new species in the depths, has an advantage never seen before

A strange species has been found in the Abyss with unusual and sometimes disturbing properties. It is a new specimen found in Australian waters. Below are the details of the discovery.

A new species found in the abyss –

It is estimated that there are approx 500 different species of sharks Which differ in size, properties and colors.

Often encountering never-before-seen specimens, scientists enter a new name and new organism into the list of abyss fauna to analyze and identify.

However, this latest discovery has nothing to do with those that experts have ventured into recently. In fact, researchers in Australia recently discovered An amazing and frightening type of shark At the same time.

An alien species found in the abyss: the white-eyed shark and more

Eyes with completely white irises, sparkling and a disturbed look. This is one of the properties that the world of science has not noticed before The new shark found by an international team of researchers in the waters around Australia.

An alien species found in the abyss –

According to studies, it will be Like bad catshark apristurus (of which the majority of sharks are a part) and the recently discovered species were christened as Apristurus ovicorrugatus.

This name is justified by the particular eggs that the animal lays. This species also deposits its eggs in cases known as larvae mermaid purses. However, the difference between the others lies in their appearance. eggApristurus ovicorrugatus It is actually larger and features horizontal ripples.

Research began in 2011

this A new specimen of the devil or ghost shark It is the discovery of a research team composed of scientists from National Research Groups CSIRO Australia – Australian National Fish Collection In cooperation with the Faculty of Fisheries, University of Hokkaido, Japan, andInstitute for Systems, Evolution and Biodiversity (ISYEB) from the Sorbonne University, France.

The search began in 2011 after two marine biologists discovered: a bag of mermaids with dogfish eggs still populated with embryos inside.

there A completely special and unusual shape for eggs It immediately shocked the scientists, who set to work learning more about the discovery. In fact, there are no other species known up to that point that could be linked to the characteristics of those eggs.

Apristurus ovicorrugatus eggs –

Then the researchers began the in-depth work, scanning all of the museum’s collections to try to find other finds of a type not yet classified and make the necessary comparisons.

compared with similar eggs

After years of searching, experts have finally identified VAustralian National Fish Collection Equally special eggs. The eggs in question belonged to a female who was mistakenly classified in the past as a South China Cat Dog (Apristurus sinensis).

Experts tracked down the female shark near the Dampier archipelago in northern Australia. At the time of discovery, the specimen bore an egg in its lap, which researchers scrambled to extract and compare to those identified shortly before.

What conclusion did you reach? The eggs belong to the same species and that this species was not yet known to the scientific community. In short, what was in front of them was A new, as yet unknown sample.

The female shark has been mistaken for a dog from southern China due to their nearly similar physical features. In fact, the two species differ due to their larger pectoral fins and brown rather than black oral cavity.

Meanwhile, all results of research work have already been published in the journal fish biology last April.

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