Find this €0.50 coin and earn €169,950: PHOTO

Dear friends, here we are again analyzing another of the most popular contemporary currencies: The 50 cents. The version that we are going to analyze is the Italian one; Since we never stop talking about this coin, we will analyze them all thoroughly Features and value.

50 Cent Marcus Aurelius

50 cent coin, author Roberto Mori, and has very interesting characteristics for the front part. On the face, in fact, there are pictures Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, the well-known Roman Emperor. Under it, then, is flooring The typical Michelangelo style is also present In Rome, in Piazza del Campidoglio. To the right of the statue, then, is the symbol denoting Italian Republic through an email R and I superimposed; While on the left is only one letter s to represent Rome mint.

Below the pavement design we find nexta thousand mintsAnd the message M To indicate the author. Finally, throughout the representation are files 12 stars that symbolize countriesEuropean Union. However, on the reverse of the coin, there are the same characteristics and representation found on coins from 1 and 2 euros; European Union countries, the face value by writing 50 euro cents, the face value stars.

It’s been discussed many times the value of this currency for a given year, specifically in 2007; Which, though, has a circulation of more than 5 million samples, It appears to be for all intents and purposes Can’t get it. The value, though, will be there in that year alone 10 euros; And what could make this coin so valuable would be sq error.

on me ebayFor example, there is a coin from 50 cents to sell Because, according to whoever posted the ad, ben 3 defects Factory. However, upon analyzing the piece shown in the photos, it does not appear to be there Nothing very clear Detecting will give the coin more value 169 thousand euros! What can I say, maybe too much?

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