Find out who produces typical doves for Lidl and Eurospin

Now it’s almost time for one Typical holidays From our calendar, ie Easter Holiday And everything related to it, like too Easter Mondayand this year Sunday Where exactly this holiday falls April 9, 2023.

but me ways to celebrate it Every family is different, but certain things are definitely the same They can’t miss it On Easter they are his Local dishesstarting from barbeque And until you reach dovesone of the most beloved desserts.

Let’s see who produces those that are specifically sold in Lidl and Eurospin supermarkets.

Where is Lidl bath produced?

Let’s start first from the first mentioned supermarket, which is Lidlsold at this time of year Two types of doves In particular: those in Hard cardboard box And those that can be found instead in one plastic bottleswhich has two different companies.

If you visit one of Lidl’s many outlets, such as a RomeIn fact, we can see that the Dove Favorina It is sold in a hard cardboard box, and it is produced at the factory Via Oltre Agno 7 in Brogliano (VI)Therefore, in this case, it is the one who produces this type of dove old oven.

If you read insteadattached From Favorina’s Dove plastic bottlesin this case the site is no longer the one mentioned above, in fact in this case the manufacturer Baloccowhose factory is located in Via S. Lucia 51 in Fossano (CN)i.e. the address shown on the respective product.

Here’s who produces Eurospin doves

Let’s now understand who is looking after production Of the other supermarket-sold doves mentioned at the beginning, ie Eurospinbut in this case we are talking about Two types of doves It is distinguished by taste: in fact, the first is Classic dove while the other is his copy without dessert.

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In the first case, the label must be observed Classic Dove Duca Moscati To trace the manufacturer, in fact by reading the information on it it turns out that its production takes place in Via Bra (Tagliata), 109-12045 Fossano (CN)precisely where the factory is located Maina.

talk instead of Dove without candied fruitsin this case, it is not produced by the same classic producer, but instead by it The same product as Dove Favorina Sold in a Lidl cardboard box, in fact the address shown is always an address old oven in Via Oltre Agno 7 in Brogliano (VI).

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