Find out how to delete both old messages

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging system in the world and practically everyone uses it to keep in touch with family members and also to keep in touch with their co-workers.

It is also a popular application in the world the school In fact, the mother kit is a precious tool for families.


This app is really very used, but it often has errors in its use and Accidentally sent to someone A personalized message for someone else instead.

This is the system that few people know about

You risk making some Stupidbut you also risk sending a file sensitive data from a person to another. Or it may happen that you write something right away but then sorry about that And the desire to delete it without the other being able to read it.


Romantic relationships or business relationships They pass through this system and if you send a message by mistake, it can be too much Embarrassing but also very problematic. WhatsApp allows at any time to delete the message related to us, But it gives us a very short time to eliminate it for both of us. Therefore, the user has a rather short time limit to delete the message from his own history and from the history of the other in such a way that it will disappear forever. As if he did not exist.

How can you also delete old messages for a recipient

This is really a problem when you send a message by mistake and want to delete it not only from your history but also Especially from the chronology of the other so that the other does not see it. However, there is a way to do that as well. There is a way to delete WhatsApp messages Even after the maximum time allowed by the application. The first thing to do is to put the smartphone into position an airport. In this way, the smartphone will be completely isolated from the network. Second, you have to do Change the date of your smartphone. Changing the date on your smartphone is like taking it back in time.

The operation is easy

At this point we need to open WhatsApp but always in Airplane mode. After doing this it will be necessary Delete the message for you both. After turning back the phone’s clock, WhatsApp will not realize that more time has passed than expected And so it will allow us to delete the message, in fact, for both of us. Once this is done, you will be able to exit Airplane mode. At this point WhatsApp It will update its history and delete the message from the system. This is a little known but very useful trick. Basically by tricking our smartphone into the exact date and time it is on, it will be possible Circumvention of the time limit for canceling the message for both. So the recipient will not see this message either.

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