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Find a 10 pound gold nugget with a metal detector

A lucky find in Australia where an amateur gold prospector with a cheap metal detector found a 4.6kg gold nugget., with an estimated value of $160,000. report it BBC Australia Explaining that the discovery is unique in the state of Victoria, a region historically famous for its gold resources.

“I was amazed. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of discovery,” he said. Darren Camp, who evaluated and purchased the sample, the largest ever in its 43-year career. A discovery worthy of a movie scene led the man – who remained unknown – to the Kamp store, based in Geelong, about an hour southwest of Melbourne, into which he entered with a huge backpack. An unusual encounter for a gold expert, who is usually seen transporting stones that look like gold but aren’t, or small rock fragments.

Giant nugget

The man placed in his hands a first piece of rock and then a second with a total of 4.6 kilograms, which contained 83 ounces, or about 2.6 kilograms of gold. When Kamp announced his value, the startled researcher replied, “My wife would be glad,” saying he was eager to spend the windfall on his family. Although such finds are rare, Australia is estimated to have the largest gold reserves in the world Many of the largest nuggets have been found on this particular continent.

The world’s largest gold nugget was found on February 5, 1869 in Victoria, Australia and weighed 72 kg. Only that it was instantly crushed to move it.

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