Fincantieri, delivery of the Explora I has been delayed for safety reasons

A defect in the roof-mounted fireproof panels. This will be the reason why the Explora I cruise ship was not delivered last Thursday at the Fincantieri shipyards, in Monfalcone (Gorizia), as planned. This is supported by an article in the British Financial Times, picked up in Italy and relaunched by several newspapers including Tgr del Fvg. The Explora was built by Fincantieri’s MSC and built in the Monfalcone factories. According to the British newspaper, Fincantieri was only informed at the end of May by Paroc, a Finnish supplier, that the plates had lost their safety certificate. Precisely for this reason, it was not possible to install them on the Explora I, a cruise ship with a length of 248 meters. In recent days, the local distributor has recalled the plates, forcing MSC and Fincantieri to cancel delivery a few hours before the ceremony. According to the Financial Times, the problem will not be limited to Explora I alone, but that 45 cruise ships will be built using this type of furniture. Even cruise giant Carnival explained that one of its ships was going to be boarded as a result of a lack of certification. Instead, there has been no comment from the Finnish manufacturer.

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