Financial Peace: The Finance Ministry stops tomorrow’s deadline at the extreme


The hypothesis of a micro-deferment for all and a long extension reserved for taxpayers in difficulty

By Marco Mobili and Gianni Truffati

Tax Reform, Maratine: Parliament’s Proposals to the Government in April

The hypothesis of a micro-deferment for all and a long extension reserved for taxpayers in difficulty

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The first act of Draghi’s economic policy is a “press release.” Its goal, expected at Il Sole 24 Ore yesterday, is to ensure 1.2 million taxpayers interested in scrapping a third, balance and excerpts, provided that failure to meet the deadline of Monday 1 March for the payment of deferred installments of anti-crisis decisions, will not entail dropping the facilitated definition. The upcoming decree of new aid to the economy, which is supposed to reach the cabinet this week, will also rewrite the fiscal peace calendar.

Billion dollar

The general release law is the classic tool used when legislation is delayed. Also in this case, the press release approaches the deadline and only stops those who waited for the last minute and trusted the extension: at stake there are nearly 950 million payable installments of the five installments of the scrapping program (4 for 2020 and 1 in 2021) and two others related. Balances and excerpts. Thanks to the government crisis, the MEF team has just been formed, and the new heterogeneous majority supporting the implementation of the political confrontation cyclists has not identified many of the decisions to be made in the next approval-funded action. 32 billion deficits at the beginning of the year.


March 2020 scheme

Many of these questions concern tax authorities, for example what to do about appealing for collection. The first is specifically to set new dates for payments so far scheduled for tomorrow. The scenario is similar to what happened in March 2020 with the first anti-crisis decree. Therefore, the premise is that the generalized microsphere must be accompanied by a more intrinsic scale for a segment of the public, also because a portion of these taxpayers did not actually experience income loss with the crisis. Others should only be allowed for a longer delay: In recent weeks the hypothesis has been popularized to align the deadline with the emergency deadline, now until April 30, but options are still being defined.

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The burden on public accounts

The same thing happens to clean up the former Equitalia repository which must be emptied of a portion of the millions of volumes that were entrusted between 2000 and 2015 that are now virtually impossible to collect. Yesterday, the union with his secretary Matteo Salvini re-launched the hypothesis, already in circulation after the summer, that files amounting to 5,000 euros would be canceled. But even in this case, the political and economic framework still needs to be built. Because eliminating roles burdens public accounts and establishes a form of “pardon” that could encounter some resistance on the left wing of the majority.

A test for Draghi’s government

The next few hours will also be crucial to choose which to follow from among the many technical assumptions of the new round of aid to the economy. The perimeter required is the perimeter of the temporary tire. In this scenario, the system was studied to ensure a loss in turnover exceeding a certain threshold (33%) in 2020, which is support covering at least 20-25% this fall. The first political meetings of the new team to search for a way will be in the next few hours bearing in mind that the resources are not endless and that the deficit of 32 billion dollars is also used for measures related to work, health, school and local authorities.

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