Finally, the disease he must live with: it is incurable

The last major star of Italian music has been living for years with a disease that unfortunately has no real cure and also unites him with other people.

A very successful Italian singer, he has many great songs behind him and in his future he sang them all at least once in our life which was the soundtrack to some important moments in our life.

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Perhaps no one knows him yet, and what he means is his illness, which he has been living with for some time, and there is no solution to it. Like him, there are actually many celebrities who suffer from it, like Maria de Filippi or Marco Mengone.

But let’s take a step back, what is it all about? Hypochondria This is the problem under consideration that we will be dealing with today, but let’s go deeper into the discussion.

The latest one shocks everyone with its big announcement: What’s it all about?

Hypochondria What is it? Disorder, causes, symptoms, how to treat it

the last Al-Marrak, this is the problem that everyone knows now and then It’s about a young Romanian singer Which for this very reason has been targeted by hyenas. In fact, Italia Uno staged a joke based on this issue that was really successful.

“Illness delusion or health anxiety disorder is an uncomfortable condition characterized by excessive worrying and unfounded in relation to the health of the individual, to the extent that any physical symptom, even mild, is interpreted as a sign of pathology.” You can read on the Cognitive Studies website and again: “People with this disorder are often considered ‘delusional patients’, due to their unfounded beliefs that they are ill.”

In short, a real pathology that should in no way be underestimated and that at least for the time being has no real cure for the plight of those who suffer from it.

As already mentioned, like the Romanian singer and songwriter, the presenter Maria de Filippi also suffers from the same problem, which she never hid herself, in fact she told her in a long interview from the past: “In my cell phone, I have the phone numbers of an ENT doctor, for a lady who is a primary care physician who ranks number one in all areasFor a doctor he called till midnight, he knows all about me! “.

Ultimo celebrates his new album “Solo” with his girlfriend

Having said that, back to Ultimo, for all his really indisputable hits, keep in mind that his problem also spoke to a song that was just as successful as the others.

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