Finally, both Windows 11 and AMD CPU like and agree: Better performance with new patches

Soon after Windows 11 came out, AMD and Microsoft They warned Existing users Two different problems that seriously affected the performance From Ryzen microprocessors. The patch October promises They have finally arrived, and restore the correct behavior of CPUs even on the new operating system.

If you have an AMD platform, continue Windows Update Download the cumulative update KB5006746 Which makes the system build 22000.282. This fix Fix one of two bugs, those related to L3 cache. The two companies found that there is a file Increased L3 cache latency up to three times the normal. “Expect a 3-5% impact on performance in affected applications, with potential outliers of 10-15% in commonly used esports games,” AMD wrote.

The second error Instead it relates to scheduling thread DIY, with the UEFI CPPC2 (“preferred kernel”) function no longer able to Preferentially use the fastest processor core.

“Applications that are performance sensitive to one or some CPU threads may show low performance,” AMD wrote. In particular, the performance effect may be “more noticeable with processors with 8 or more cores and TDPs higher than 65W”.

For this issue, there is no update for Windows at the moment, but You can solve this problem by downloading drivers for your chipset in version the AMD website.

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