Final Fantasy XVI: A short video showing the fighting moves of Clive and Torgal

Final Fantasy 16 It’s still a long way off (or getting close, depending on your point of view) and we haven’t yet had a chance to see a long, uncut presentation of the system in depth. fighting. It’s not quite the time yet, but we can at least have some fun Short video Which shows us a quick battle between the protagonist and a creature from the game world, supported by the dog Torgal. Also, we can see the entire GUI.

The video has been shared online since then The official Final Fantasy 16 Twitter profile, in the Japanese language. In the video we see protagonist Clive with Torgal – his dog – fighting against “Gray Claw”. Literally translated as “Gray Claw”, this creature is a type of giant reddish scorpion.

Under the leadership of Clive (hence the Final Fantasy 16 player) Torgal can attack opponents and lift them into the air as well. At this point the protagonist steps in and unleashes a combo, but only after casting a fire spell. After the attack is dropped and the enemy is gone, Torgal is sent to attack again.

the Torgal commands It can be seen at the bottom left, with many actions related to the cross direction. Torgal is not only an attack tool, but it also helps in the healing phase. Also, we see that the attack and lift movement are two separate actions related to the up and down arrows.

that it Very simple fightwith one enemy that doesn’t look particularly strong, but it does allow us to get an idea of ​​the actions available in Final Fantasy 16.

I’m still talking about Final Fantasy 16: Square Enix doesn’t want to say which engine I used, it just says which engine it isn’t.

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