Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: News coming for Summer Games Festival 2023, according to one theory

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth It can be one of the heroes who will take turns on stage Summer Game Fest 2023 Next week, according to a theory that doesn’t seem so far-fetched on the whole.

But let’s go step by step. As you may have noticed, since yesterday (June 2nd), Square Enix has started posting feedback from developers on Twitter. The first was from Producer Kitase, who reassured players that the development of Rebirth is proceeding according to plan, while the second was released today (June 3), with director Hamaguchi revealing that the game world will be vast and with countless stories to tell. Each message is accompanied by the formula “Developer comment number xIndicating the postal number.

The idea launched by Genki, a popular account that shared the latest news from Japan on Twitter, is for a new “numbered” post to be shared every day. If so, a seventh should arrive (such as Final Fantasy ‘7’).June 8, 2023, or on the same day as Summer Game Fest 2023, one of the most important events of the Summer Games. Will it be a coincidence?

Makes you think no. While Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, barring unforeseen circumstances, will hit stores in The first months of 2024It’s definitely time for a new trailer to premiere and reveal unreleased details of the next adventure for Cloud and company, and the Geoff Keighley-hosted stage show would be the perfect one.

On the one hand, it is still a theory, so it is a good idea to approach it with caution so as not to be disappointed if it turns out to be incorrect. Anyway, we will find out the truth in a few days.

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