Final Fantasy 16 will have more than 11 hours of cinematic sequences –

A lot of news has arrived these days Final Fantasy 16 Thanks to interviews that producer Naoki Yoshida and other development team members gave to the international press. One detail that has emerged is what the game will include Over 11 hours of cutscenes Only for the main story.

The information comes from an interview with Gematsu, where Yoshi-P explained that the cinematic sequences helped the developers tell a complete story from start to finish with a single game. He also added that the cutscenes take place in-engine and in real time and that the 11-hour estimate is only related to the “main scenario”, meaning the total could actually be much higher including the secondary mission films and other extras. .

“The important thing for us was to tell a complete story, from start to finish, and we think we pulled it off,” said Yoshida. “To make this easier, there are over 11 hours of cutscenes in the main scenario alone, all seamlessly woven into the gameplay experience, and executed within the real-time engine.”

Final Fantasy 16 will be available on PS5 from June 22, 2023If you want to learn more here, here’s our take on everything we know about the new game in the Square Enix series.

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