Final Fantasy 16 sales considered satisfactory by Square Enix

the sales to Final Fantasy 16 It caused discussion, and so Square Enix issued a statement announcing that it was a lot illnessespecially given the current PS5 installed base.

With 38.4 million units, the PS5 can’t actually compete with the PS4’s reach at the time of launch Final Fantasy 7 Remakewhich is why a direct comparison of the two episodes leaves time to find.

With 38 million PS5s shipped worldwide as of March 31, 2023, Final Fantasy 16 has sold more than three million copies just days after its release. exitMarch 22, 2023,” the Japanese publisher wrote in a note.

Well, looking at the sales of the popular Final Fantasy 7 Remake and teams with PS4 base installed At that time, we can see that Final Fantasy 16’s attack rate is significantly high when compared to PS5’s spread.

So Square Enix reports the first sales figures for Final Fantasy 16 extremely powerfulAnd we will continue to implement a whole series of initiatives in order to encourage others to play this new chapter.”

Great episode

Final Fantasy 16, Clive explores the scenario
Final Fantasy 16, Clive explores the scenario

Received with excellent marks by the international press, Final Fantasy 16 turns out to be a Great episode From the Square Enix series, stunning on a technical and artistic level, as well as engaging and rich in content.

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