Final Fantasy 16: Battles are not only inspired by DMC 5, but also from a well-known fighting game

Final Fantasy 16, even more so than previous chapters, aiming for “deep” combat mechanics. The creator of the battle system is Ryota Suzuki, who helped Capcom make the fights of Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 5. The latter is clearly one of the inspirations for Final Fantasy 16, but it’s not unique. also Known fighting game It was cited by Suzuki among Sources of inspirationspeaking to Game Informer.

around Marvel vs. Capcom 2, another game that Sousuke worked on during his career. We are talking about a fighting game that was initially released in 2000 for arcades and then arrived on different consoles over many years, from Dreamcast to PS3 / Xbox 360.

“There already Something out of Marvel Vs. Capcom2 Which we took and put in Final Fantasy XVI and that, you know, in Marvel Vs. In Capcom 2, we had an assist system that allowed you to give commands to your partner in battle,” Suzuki explains. And by implementing that system, we were able to create the feeling of not just one-on-one, but many people fighting at the same time to create a fast-paced battle system. ”

“We brought some of that knowledge into building the fraud system Torgal [ndr il cane alleato di Clive in Final Fantasy 16 che può essere comandato in battaglia per attaccare, curare e non solo] And the ability to give commands to the pet when you are alone but still working together.”

Suzuki also points out that he and the Capcom team created this assistance system 22 years ago and that in it you give orders to a comrade in battle, but at the same time a period is activated during which the main character cannot act. Suzuki says Creative Business Unit III didn’t want that to happen in Final Fantasy 16, so it did remove this side from the help system.

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always talking about Sources of inspirationFinal Fantasy 16 producer explained that the game is (also) inspired by Game of Thrones, but only from the good seasons.

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