Final Fantasy 16: A new video with the dog Torgal recalls the old generation of consoles

Square Enix has released a New video to Final Fantasy 16and the second is devoted to the torugal dog, which shows us a characteristic strongly reminiscent of the older generation of gaming machines.

The video itself, attached to the tweet below, demonstrates a particular feature of Torgal: Tell us which way to go to advance in the game. Apparently, you just need to press a button and Clive’s best friend, the protagonist, will become a living satellite navigator. Watching the short to the end, a very juicy detail is not overlooked: Torgal shows Clive a passage as the hero runs through a text sequence.

Of course not a big deal. In fact, what is happening is not a problem in itself. Except that, if you remember, when introducing the new generation of consoles, it was said that one of the main innovations, given the super fast speed of SSD readersSpecifically, it was the possibility that developers would not have to resort to similar bottlenecks to hide data loading in later areas. Instead, it looks like Final Fantasy 16 will resort to these tricks.

Moreover, this should also be considered Jams Such are also acceptable in adventure games, as they represent the effort involved in exploring often unfavorable environments. It is unfortunate that marketing has decided to refer to them in a negative way, affecting the collective imagination and creating biases.

For the rest, we remind you that Final Fantasy 16 is a PS5 exclusive. Here you can find the first video starring Torgal’s dog.

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