FINA rejects request for approval of headphones for people of African descent

Yesterday, an African-American-owned swimming cap company said that FINA would reject a request for approval for international competitions, as it would not. Follow the natural shape of the head.

spirit cap كاب is a UK based swim cap brand that focuses on an extra large product for swimmers with “thick, curly, voluminous hair”. The company hopes to gain FINA approval to allow the headphones to be used in international competitions such as the Olympics. But SoulCap said the International Watersports Authority rejected the request.

According to Soul Cap, FINA’s refusal was justified on the following grounds:

“Athletes competing in international events have never, nor need to use, headphones of this size and configuration.” Moreover, its shape does not”It follows the natural shape of the head.

Criticism of the rejection of FIN

The decision sparked intense criticism. According to many, headphones are an important step in promoting racial diversity.

Maritza Korea She became the first African-American swimmer to set a world record in 2000. Correa, also known by her married name Maritza McClendonYesterday, he said the FINA decision showed the sport still had a structural problem by not giving underrepresented groups a voice in decision-making.


“This is still an example of systemic racism. The reason for rejection is not a technical reason or a time problem, it is a personal reason, which is not fair. There’s a bigger conversation to have, and representation has to be on the table.”


“Making the sport more inclusive is important globally.”.

“We need to recognize and celebrate when solutions are presented that meet the needs of an underrepresented population. We must work together for a more inclusive sport, not continue to be part of the problem.”

FINA’s answer

After the criticism, FINA released a statement. First expect it to be Review of the situation regarding ‘Soul Cap’ and similar products..

Second, he pointed out that headphones are allowed “Recreational or educational purposes.”

FINA has taken note of the comments and feedback regarding the use of the Soul Cap in international competitions.

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Finally, he announced that he would consider “Soul Cap” and similar products as part of broader initiatives aimed at ensuring there are no barriers to participation in swimming.

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