Filming of the series has ended! That’s when ⋆ Star Wars will be launched

Especially after the many developments in Star Wars Celebration, the live-action series the assistant Confirmed that it is one of the most interesting products to be released soon. And now it comes The news of the closing of the shoot: Let’s see all the information about it!

Photography assistant

Backstage assistant
Behind the scenes photos of The Acolyte

Making Star Wars and Bespin Bulletin, both reliable sources, confirm this Filming for the series has been completed. The latter happened in the UK starting in October, mainly at Shinfield Studios in Berkshire. In addition, the production has ventured to various locations across the UK incl Brecon Beacons National Park In Wales and outside the UK, where he shot scenes in Portugal in the spring.

Assistant, during the last days Supreme Republicwill follow A former Padawan and her Jedi master as they investigate a series of crimesBut they encounter forces far more sinister than they could have imagined. The series is the protagonist Amandla Stenberg (bodies, bodies, bodies), plus Lee Jung Jae (squid games), Daphne Keen (his dark ores), Manny Jacinto (the good place), Judy Turner Smith (after yang), Charlie Bennett (Russian doll) Rebecca Henderson (Anna’s innovation), Dean Charles Chapman (1917), Carrie Ann Moss (The Matrix) e Margarita Leveva (Daredevil: Born Again).

Celebration previews

vernestra rwoh in direct assistant work
Fernistra Rowe in The Acolyte

At the Star Wars Celebration, which took place in April, it was shown Trailer for the assistant Exclusively for attendees, which was brought to life in May at Disney’s Upfront. The trailer hasn’t been officially released yet, but we describe it for you below.

opens with Jedi master played by Lee Jung Jae Teaching a group of young men inside the Jedi Temple. accordingly Mysterious figure in a purple hoodie He makes his way through the bustling city, before entering a bar of sorts and targeting the character played by Carrie-Anne Moss, who appears to be… serious. The mysterious figure is revealed to be the series’ protagonist, Amandla Stenberg, who Sporting red dreadlocksa black cloth mask, a metal plate on his chest, and what appears to be chain mail as he wields it small dagger trying to kill Moss, but Carrie Ann dodges each hit with ease.

More trailer details

plugin group
Some characters from the group

The trailer continues and shows us the character Charlie Barnett who Use forcewith their signature white and gold Jedi robes Supreme Republic. We see Two nemoids On a spaceship in a quick shot punctuated by Stenberg’s character sneaking around corners and Jung Jae continuing to teach the youngsters. As Stenberg draws her dagger and brandishes it against an unknown figure Charlie Barnett lights a yellow lightsaber As she explores the caves with what appears to be Daphne Keene’s alien make-up character.

Let’s see a character Rebecca Hendersonn (Jedi Vernestra Rwoh) in white and gold robes opens the door in the Jedi Temple with a Force figure and Manny Jacinto peeking around a seemingly chaotic corner. Jodi Turner-Smith character seen with Royal look while those who appear to be her followers open their hands in front of her as she walks through them. We see Stenberg once again stab Moss with her trusty dagger, which It was blocked with force. Then we see Lee Jung Jae, Charlie Barnett, and an unknown female character, all Jedi, climbing a snowy mountain in the middle of a snowstorm. You see the last shot of the trailer Lee Jong-jae and seven other Jedi light their lightsabers in a forest.

Acolyte will be released exclusively on Disney+ during the year 2024. What do you think of this series? Let us know as always in the comments! And keep following usalso on FacebookAnd YoutubeAnd Instagram And Twitter! We’ll keep you updated on the Star Wars universe.


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