Filippo Pesciglia could not have made a more beautiful declaration: “Finally after seven months and six …”

The famous presenter who for years has accompanied reality rivals Temptation Island on one of the most followed adventures in the heart of Canale Cinque, a few days ago, announced great news to the millions of fans who follow him via his official social channels. This is what Filippo Bisiglia wrote.

Filippo Bisiglia Ultranotesia

Filippo Bisciglia is the well-known face of Mediaset who for years has attracted many onlookers curious to see how powerful couples put their stability and mutual trust into play, measuring themselves against the distance and temptations of some solo competitors.

The beloved broadcaster is followed by television audiences as well as by social media audiences and seems to have given his followers a special announcement on Christmas Day: Here is the news he revealed to his Instagram followers.

Filippo Bisciglia, word broke on Instagram

Filippo Pescaglia is a famous conductor who has accompanied its competitors for years temptation island In one of Canale Cinque’s most famous love adventures.

As many actually know, The TV show plays a role in stabilizing the love stories of the contestants who present To the daunting ordeal of being separated from your partner for a few weeks and trying Find out if their feelings can withstand the distances and temptations of single competitors.

Bisciglia is endowed with exceptional charisma and talent, That is why the program is so highly regarded by the small screen audience and is He is more and more famous and loved.

In recent months, it was announced that his father unfortunately suffers from health problems. But now he just announced great news to the millions of fans who follow him on his official social channels.

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Mosul announcement

Filippo is reticent about his private sphere and what matters to his family, but has said publicly in recent months that his beloved father has health issues, which now appear to have been resolved: it seems they have been able to hug again.

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Filippo received a very special gift for Christmas: his beloved father by his side. The maestro wanted to share his joy with the many followers who follow him on his official Instagram channel and wrote:
“Finally after 7 months I’m back home… Dad I love you…!”.

You can see from these sweet words and from the shot of them smiling together that the hug was great for both of them.

The photo sparked a barrage of likes, comments, wishes and congratulations from fans who love Filippo.


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