Fighting inflation, reward 600 thousand from Bergamo. “But structural interventions are also needed.”

Six hundred thousand Bergamo, more than half the population. The “anti-inflation” bonus announced by the government should have a good catchment area, in European land: this can be estimated by referring to tax returns data with the requirements indicated by Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Concretely, in fact, by the summer – certainly in July for retirees, and maybe even earlier for employees – it will reach 200 euros one-time for those earning less than 35 thousand euros a year. To understand the number of beneficiaries in the Bergamo region, the starting point is the data recently published by the Ministry of Economy on the income declared in 2021.

There were 183,997 European taxpayers with an income of less than 10 thousand euros, to which were added 95,103 citizens with profits between 10 thousand and 15 thousand and another 276,035 with incomes between 15 thousand and 26 thousand euros per year:

They make up 555,000 people, as well as a segment of the audience from 190408 from Bergamo with an income of 26 thousand to 55 thousand euros per year;

Relatively speaking, in this category there can be about 50 thousand citizens with an income of 26 thousand to 35 thousand euros, so that the total recipients of the bonus amount to about 600 thousand people in the province of Bergamo. For the Bergamo region, the total reward is 120 million euros.

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