Fighting evasion, in 2022 $20.2 billion in revenue was recovered: it’s a record. Vice Minister Liu: “The challenge is the financial truce.”

The agency achieved its highest ever result (after $20.1 billion in 2017) thanks to an increase in collections from oversight activities and a nearly doubling of compliance letters, which is one of Pnrr’s goals. It remains to be seen what effect the message sent by the government will be to issue pardons and raise the ceiling for the use of cash in 2023. To which will now be added the two-year composition with creditors that the deputy minister intends to dust off in the expected delegation next week.

recovery dodging Higher than ever before, thanks to a good result of the activities check Almost double its letters compliance which was one of the targets of Pnrr. last yearrevenue agencyAccording to the results given by the director Ernesto Maria Ruffini At home, reported in the state coffers 20.2 billion overall Before 13.8 from 2021 However, when the activities remained suspended until the end of August due to covid. The previous record dates back to 2017, with 20.1 billion. The data contradict at least in part with the statements of the Deputy Minister of Economy Morris Liu Concerning the ineffectiveness of the measures that have been implemented so far to confront the deduction of resources from the treasury. And it goes hand in hand with an increase in Spontaneous returns For taxes administered by the agency, which rose to 510 billion from 460 a year earlier. It remains to be seen now what effect the government’s message will have in 2023 watermelon For taxpayers with i forgive Wide range offered maneuver And raise the roof to use monetary. Along with novelties like Protective agreement for two years For small and medium-sized enterprises, which Liu intends to meet in the tax mandate expected next week. During the event in the room, the FdI exponent reiterated that “The challenge is tax cutsThe idea is to “tell the taxpayer: This is the income you have to make, if you comply, you’ll have a two-year You will have no further investigations“.

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Returning to the results of 2022, out of a total of 20.2 billion 10.9 billion derived from Payments made via F24 After monitoring activities, 3.2 from Compliance letters And 4.9 From the Revenue Agency Volumes – Collection. Added to this are the results of extraordinary measures, that is, the old financial peace and “skimmingwhich is equivalent to 1.2 billion.

The result obtained with good messages aimed at facilitating payment was particularly positive. Envisioned recovery plan, with an end goal Reducing the tax gap (that is, the propensity to run away) by 15% by the end of 2026 compared to the data for 2019, a 20% increase of messages sent by the end of 2022 followed by +30% by the end of 2024. In 2022 The target is 2.58 million of letters, according to revenue tables, exceeded 2.6 millionEven if data consolidation needs on false positives, the reference period has been re-set to 12 months between November 2021 and October 2022. 1.3 million Quarterly VAT communications increased by 160%, prof 398 thousand those resulting fromTransit data from periodic billing and VAT communications. The result achieved in terms of “stimulus” payments exceeded expectations, which stopped at 2.45 billion.

arm group For its part, AdeR 10.83 billion in revenue Of which 9.2 billion is through normal activities and 1.6 billion is from scrapping, balance and write-offs. number less than 12.7 billion in 2017 When roles are collected solely for revenue (thus excluding credits entrusted to other entities incl NBS) amounted to 7 billion.

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Then Ruffini summarized the results of the activities Anti-fraud: in 2022 they were blocked advance Fake loans $9.5 billion Of which 6.3 billion is in the form of building bonuses that are prohibited in synergy with Finance guard And 2.1 billion were disposed of after the controls established by the Anti-Fraud Decree issued in December 2021. Added to this data $912 million in undue compensation And 207 million VAT refund not due. The fight against the use of paper companies for VAT fraud with the abolition of the VAT number or invoices within the European Union has made it possible to prevent fraud for 650 million taxable income. Among the servicing and advisory activities, stand out 23 million of the 730 pre-assembled prepared during the year and the recognition of 3.4 million repayments for around 20 billion euros, of which 17 billion are in favor of companies. Large companies with a turnover of more than 10 billion have joined the cooperative compliance system, the so-called compliance cooperativesrose to 92 (15 more).

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