FIFA 23 is the “Greatest FIFA Game Ever”, details on reveal, graphics and crossover by Tom Henderson –

Through the pages of Expoter, a well-known and knowledgeable video game journalist Tom Henderson I expected some details about FIFA 23which according to EA Sports appears to be “the greatest FIFA game ever”.

According to Henderson’s article, the presentation with great fanfare about the characteristics of the new football simulation will take place around the clock. the next two weeksalthough actually tonight we’ll see our first official trailer.

The report states that FIFA 23 will benefit fromHypermobility 2the evolution of technology that we have already seen in the previous version of the football simulation, which will allow various improvements to the introduction of graphics and animations of the players and gameplay.


Among the apparently reported news, we can expect more advanced impact physics, more technical dribbling, more coordinated team movements and even more realistic pitches. One of Henderson’s sources stated that, for example, it would be possible to see grass move and bend realistically according to external stimuli.

In addition to the best technically, it looks like FIFA 23 will support Cross between PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. since launch. In the previous game, this feature was only added in May with a free update and only for current generation consoles.

Tom Henderson has proven to be a very reliable source of information in the past, so there’s a good chance the above details are true, but anyway we’re waiting for the official announcements from EA Sports.

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