FIFA 23, another amazing novelty: a quirky game!

FIFA 23, another amazing novelty: a quirky game. Here is the latest news that has been revealed in these recent days.

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FIFA 23 has been delivering different and interesting news every time over the past few days. Among the others mentioned in previous articles, there will be the Career Mode – where you can follow in the footsteps of the big names on the bench – and the FUT mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, linked ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ to true fantasy football on FIFA.

However, co-producer Azlan Mustafa stated that “redefining harmony” is key to the game, and this is also the understanding between the different roles of the players in the division: an example dictated by the right and left backs, who will be able. To communicate in a “real” way even if they belong to opposite sectors of the domain. Interpretation indicates that each player will be credited with understanding points that will determine the team’s understanding.

In the demo, explaining “la rosea”, the trident Vinicius-Salah-Mbappe showed a perfect understanding between the three despite playing in different teams, confirming the idea and intent of the game producers to establish similar and complementary links between the best players. in the game.

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FIFA 23, a quirky game!

One of the revolutions is also the possibility of placing the player in a secondary position, that is, giving the order to the player himself who can be transferred to another position on the playing field that suits him in terms of characteristics, in order to make the game more flexible and practical. In short, it is a game that seems to reflect more and more the idea of ​​a fantasy football logo.

In addition, FUT Moments mode allows you to earn credits to be exchanged in a specially created store. We have already discussed “augmented” reality, according to which the graphics had to be improved and improved in more detail, such as specific stadiums and signage on the side lines and in the stands.

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Remember that FIFA 23 will be released on September 30th for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Users can’t wait to play it to see what’s been widely announced for quite some time.

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