FIFA 22 DOWN: EA’s Recent Server Status, Unable to Connect Issues Reached | games

FIFA 22 DOWN: EA’s Recent Server Status, Unable to Connect Issues Reached | Games | entertainment

FIFA 22 reports and EA reports tonight, with extensive server issues reported. Monitor outage detector bottom has reported a spike in FIFA 22 and EA inactivity reports, with players reporting connectivity issues. At the time of writing, Down Detector UK has seen a spike of over 5,000 EA server reports and over 3,000 inactivity reports from FIFA.

According to Down Detector stats, the main issue affecting FIFA and EA players is server connectivity issues. The site also said that reports of FIFA and EA server issues began appearing around 9:30 PM UK time.

When FIFA and EA server difficulties reported users were infected, they took to Twitter to discuss the issues they were experiencing.

Someone tweeted: “EAhelps because the servers are down and I can’t log into FIFA?”

While another posted: “The moment FIFA is downloaded, after about 4 months, the servers are down.”

One added: “The FIFA servers were down and I had to win that match to qualify for the Fitness Champions and I was up 3-1.”

Another wrote: “Welp…is FIFA inactive?! I can’t go online again.”

Follow the official FIFA Twitter account for Live to make sure they’re investigating reports of players struggling to connect to EA servers.

The FIFA account posted on Twitter: “We are investigating reports of players unable to connect to EA servers and will provide more updates on this as they become available.”

In addition to FIFA 22 fans, players who enjoy other EA games seem to have experienced server issues tonight.

Down Detector also recorded a spike in Battlefield down reports this evening.

The latest FIFA server releases predate the FIFA 22 TOTW 35 release tomorrow, which will be one of the newest Team of the Week releases this season.

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