Fideo without secrets in training. And the world of Juventus is going crazy

Turin – (e) Sole, heel, shooting round. Rabona on the fly, feint, recover the ball, assist, dribble. And again: give and go, press, left and right, but also in the middle. and shuffle? Show. Then, as he caressed the ball: left to kiss, in the narrow, in the extension, at the end. Always alive, homeless. here you are Maria Cam to ensure that the Argentine does not miss anything in training. The new Gioia from the new Juventus for Max Allegri, with a high level of technique and speed. Angel said Fideo is really the fulcrum of the game, diverse all around, asking for the ball and passing the ball. Don’t try to dismiss him, he will take revenge. And do not try to beat around the bush, it will spoil you. Adrien Rabiot, another former PSG member, serves as a back guard, almost introducing him to the field. So, the talent of Rosario takes on the role of the hero, as if there, in Continassa, at least … one life.

ANGEL USA Another charm for Di Maria: Giving enthusiasm to the people of Juventus, with Pogba’s octopus. A jolt of adrenaline, morale shriveled by a season from scratch (and abandoned by Cristiano Ronaldo, who weakened the attack). Di Maria is there and jumps with them. Di Maria is there and sings with them. Di Maria is there and invites you to the Stars and Stripes show. “Hi everyone, see you in Las Vegas‘, the message to Latinos who want to see him live on the North American Tour, in his debut on July 23 (5 o’clock, at Dazen) against Deportivo Guadalajara. Guardian Angel and Juventus are presented the world dreamed of.

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