Fiber for everyone, 5g and no more cash

Draghi’s new government took office yesterday, which is also seeing its presenceEx-CEO of Vodafone, Vittorio ColauIn the role of the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation. L ‘Today’s edition of Repubblica It unveiled the CEO’s plans to make Italy more digital.

In fact, Colau intends Limit the use of cash as much as possibleIn favor of digital payment methods that, as we have been able to say many times, are an effective way to reduce tax evasion. In this regard, the newspaper explained that to increase the spread of digital money there are several measures that must be introduced:

  • Apply a 5% withholding tax as a down payment for ATM withdrawals exceeding a certain limit;
  • Extending personal income tax deductions and deductions for payments made with instruments other than cash;
  • Tax exemption for merchants on the use of electronic payments;
  • Reducing commissions for merchants on digital payments through an agreement signed with the banking sector and companies that deal with electronic payments:
  • POS commitment to all those who engage in activities that require payments, with penalties imposed on those who refuse;
  • Removal of 500 and 200 euros of banknotes, through an agreement with the European Union and the European Central Bank.

However, it cannot be denied that a portion of the redemption assets must also be spent to overcome the digital divide. In this regard, Colao intends to prepare a It plans to bring high speed internet all over Italy And by any means, even in the most isolated gray areas. In these areas, part of the coverage costs must be covered directly by the Italian government. It is also envisaged an agreement with AgCom to oversee the telephone companies that will be obligated to sell fiber subscriptions on equal terms. It appears that the minister also intends to use FWA and 5G to cover Italy with the fast network.

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I’m still talking about 5G, Colau also intends to raise the ceiling for electromagnetic pollution Italy at the level of Belgium, Greece, France or Germany. this is The order has also been placed by WindTre A few months ago.

In the wake of what Conte’s second government did, Colau also intends to propose Internet reward for less needy familiesTo ensure equal access for all.

Finally, other Colao proposals will include creating a public cloud and using AI in public administration.

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