Fiat, the return of the legend: the images leave no doubt | The iconic model that made brand history is back

You will surely notice it: it is always difficult to find a Fiat while wandering the streets. Well, there are rumors of his return…

We are all fond of certain cars and the main reason is not always their objective beauty. Sometimes it is the style that is surprising, others the form, and still others the design or special aesthetic characteristics. there Fiat model It grabbed everyone’s attention, one way or another, despite being quite a car criticized for its appearance. Yet history did.

Fiat logo
Fiat logo

For the truth I am The first results were rather heavy. from a kind of: What is the relationship between the outside and the inside? Doesn’t it look like a deformed box? What kind of design did they come up with. ” Well, we’re talking about Fiat Multipla. across and cheerful. Yes, because this car has been on sale since October 1998 At only four meters he could carry it 6 people in two rows of seats. However, from an aesthetic point of view, he manages to impress almost everyone by offering lines that are in really bad taste.

That’s why the redesign was done in the early 2000s to go total 344 thousand samples Total sold. From 2010also due to lack of success, was not released Outside Produce. And it was considered an incomplete eternity.

However, according to some rumors (in particular it was discussed on the site “Passione Auto Italiane”), the new Fiat Multipla can come back and take place For some Fiat models that will be reconsidered or replaced next. After the first hum, more and more confirmations already arrived. First on the name, then on the design and finally on the dates. So far there is no official one, but all the rumors lead in one direction: regarding the name, we are talking about it New Fiat Multipla.

The new Fiat Multipla, here is the reinterpretation: will it be a comeback?

This new paradigm, a reinterpretation of the past (hoping for better success), would replace Fiat Tipo And maybe there 500X. So far there are no confirmations and we remain in the field of hypotheses.

Here's an idea of ​​the New Fiat Multipla: we can find it like this again
Here’s an idea of ​​the New Fiat Multipla: we can find it like this again

Future Multipla could be back Not before 2026, but only as an electric model. The bodywork, similar to the minivans of the late 1990s, could contain Looks more adventurous and SUV/CrossoverTo make it more attractive and modern.

digital artist Thomas D’Amico (highly regarded architect and designer) designed and imagined the look of the new Fiat Multipla, somewhat following the temptations we told you about, as a compact pickup truck, a kind of larger SUV, decidedly different from previous versions and dipped in the Technology, information, entertainment and communication.

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