Fiat Panda moment of electricity approaching? Here’s how it could be

Stellantis . group I just turned. In the first 12 months since the merger between FCA and PSA, a lot of work has been done to reorganize the brands and prepare a strategy for the future that will be closely linked to the electrification of the automotive group. On the battery car front, Fiat has done well Thanks to the new electric motor 500 who – which It was the best-selling electrician in Italy in 2021.

Talking to Auto Express, the new CEO of Fiat Oliver Francois The company was known assleeping giantAnd it’s time to “wake up”.

sleeping giant? I love it, that’s exactly my point. We didn’t even begin to awaken the giant.

Number One at Fiat focuses on a strategy that includes what he defines as “Obsessed with synergy between brands“. Therefore, the Italian manufacturer will aim to make the most of the industrial synergy with the other brands of the Stellantis group. Over time, François himself has also referred several times to a car priced under 500 electric which would have focused on simplicity.”

clear reference For the future of the panda which will also be electric and could be shown, according to some rumors, as early as 2022. A model that will be Based on the concept of Centoventi We’ve talked several times in the past. But what could the future of the electric panda be?

We tried to imagine its forms starting with the concept. the result is In the view you can see. The concept car was presented as a very simple and customizable car with modular batteries. Simplicity will likely remain one of the hallmarks of the car as well to reduce costs. Given what the CEO has said, Fiat will likely take advantage of the synergies with the Stellantis Group to be able to make this happen. It can be believed that the Italian brand could adopt the same platform that underpinned many of the electric cars of the previous PSA group. A platform that will also allow you Proposing the future of the panda With internal combustion engines where there were rumors in the past that the new model could also be offered with conventional units.

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