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Hospitalizations of Covid patients are increasing for the second week in a row (+8.6%) but the increase was less than last week (+10.7%) and relates only to regular hospitalization, which represents +9, 4% in contrast to intensive care where the number of patients decreased by 3.4% . It emerges from the survey conducted by the Federation of Health Care and Hospitals (FIASU) on March 29. The +16% center had the greatest impact on the rise in hospitalizations in Covid, while in the North the increase stops at 2% and in the South it records +8%. The hospitalization curve, which has fallen since February 1, has now reversed for 15 days.

Fiasu notes that hospitalized patients with the “Covid virus” are now the majority in both regular and recovery wards. It should also be noted, according to the federation, that among the vaccinated patients admitted to intensive care, 100% have comorbidities: they are the most vulnerable people who, even if covered with sufficient doses of the vaccine, can succumb to serious Covid conditions. “For the second week in a row, hospitalizations of Covid are increasing, but we are now facing a new phase of the epidemic, which, thanks to a massive vaccination campaign, involves less intensive care and causes less serious disease – comments Giovanni Migliori, president of Fiaso -. The large number of infected cases With Covid, both in the medical field and in intensive care, testify to the effectiveness of vaccination protection on the one hand, and on the other hand, the reduced severity of the virus currently circulating, two elements for which assistance must be appropriately regulated.” Migliore points out that the presence of vaccinated patients and all other critically ill in resuscitation indicates the need to continue to adopt primary prevention interventions and not to dilute attention in protective rules such as mask spacing and use of masks. Moreover, according to President Fiaso, “It is necessary to conduct information campaigns targeting vulnerable people who have never been vaccinated: it is possible that part of the misinformation played into the refusal to vaccinate these people, whose risks are much higher. In light of these data, The importance of the fourth dose for extremely fragile people must be re-emphasized.”

The hospitalization curve of children for Covid returns to the week of March 22-29, registering a 23% increase. It emerges from data from children’s hospitals and pediatric wards of the Fiaso sentinel network. In the March 22 survey, the curve fell 6%, while in the March 15 report it grew 48%. “Constantly fluctuating data recorded over weeks in pediatrics–defining FIASO–does not allow appropriate assessments of trends.” For 15 days, young patients of Ukrainian origin were also in the Covid wards of children’s hospitals.

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