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FIA F3 | Australia, Qualifiers: 1st Potoletto Championship, All-Italian Row 2

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The absolute debut in Australia of F3: Qualifications, which are marked with several red flags, hand over to Gabriel Portoleto first place; Gregoire Saucy follows him. The all-Italian second row with Gabriele Mino flanked by Leonardo Fornaroli.

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Temperature change between open test F3, which saw O’Sullivan in the lead followed by Marie Pouya and Gregoire Soucy, and qualification changes the cards on the table. Furthermore, the possibility of rain returning forces riders to look for the best time already in the first few minutes, leading them to make mistakes.

This is the situation Josep Maria Marty, fourth in the championship, whose exit in the opening laps would force him into the weekend in pursuit of last place on the grid for both races. The Spaniard from Campos’ side suffered a major deflection at the age of 12 after overturning which resulted in a red flag. The first part of qualifying featured traffic that brought the drivers’ performances closer. In fact, the top 12 posted times within one second of the gap.

Just over 4 minutes from the end, another red flag. Frederick ran into the wall at the exit of turn 14 further complicating the finish. Colapinto had the best time ahead of O’Sullivan and Portoleto, as Shusei moved up to fourth just before the red flag.

Strategy played out in the final minutes, between riders who took to the track to complete two laps and those who attempted a lap, with another red flag complicating the session. If the Mini at the start resulted in the drivers not being able to improve their times, on this occasion it was Nikita Bedrin who ended the session early by crashing into the barrier at turn 14. Franco Colapinto, leading from pole position on the last fired lap, he was unable to Tahseen himself falling into seventh place. It is Bortoleto that sets the absolute reference at 1:33.025, separating Saucy by 171 thousandths and Minì by 282.

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A rough start for Sofia Florsch. Always from behind, he winds up about 25 times faster.


The positive start to the season for the Italian riders continues. In fact, Formula 3 qualifying in Australia concludes with the two who will join the second row on Sunday in the feature race. However, they arrived with a different session. Fornaroli Always posting top-level times, he finished the session where he started the session: fourth. Minnie Instead she is the author of Growing Session. After an imperfect start, with the ART GP driver set for the twelfth time, he takes advantage of the second stint to move into seventh and eventually third. The end of qualifying is bittersweet for the last who ends up in the gravel and thus unable to even attempt the last flying lap.

Italian teams are competitive in the qualifiers like Bahrain. He presses It places all riders in the top ten, with O’Sullivan, Aaron, and Bejanovic fifth, seventh, and eighth, respectively; trident Instead, just two, with Goethe who will be able to redeem himself in the Sprint starting from the front row.

order times

This is the order of F3 Qualifiers arriving in Australia:

F3 Australia 2023, Qualifying
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Rendezvous with F3 tomorrow at 1:45 ET for a sprint race in which Montoya and Goethe will start on top.

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