Few people know that to have perfect and healthy teeth, you need to eliminate these foods from your diet

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” With this quote from Connie Stevens today we want to return attention to our smile.
Dental health and beauty depends above all on our choices, and also definitely on our nutritional choices.
So taking care of your daily habits becomes an indispensable gesture in order to have an impeccable business card.

Here are the foods that undermine your dental health

Few people know that to have perfect and healthy teeth, you need to eliminate these foods from your diet.

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Soft drinks and spirits

Substances like tea, coffee, and wine as well as licorice, which undermine the whiteness of teeth, are sworn enemies of white teeth. But another factor that has been underestimated in the consumption of soft drinks is the amount of sugar in them. Even drinks that contain the phrase “sugar-free” can be harmful because they consist of aggressive acids that are able to erode tooth enamel.


Sugar is one of the deadly components of tooth decay. Which is found in all foods, especially sweet ones, but also in salty foods, as the percentage has permanent damage to our teeth. Moreover, the consistency Sugar, Which creates an adhesive film that is difficult to remove.

But then how do we protect enamel?

Teeth are covered with enamel that protects them from bacterial attacks as well as from abrasion. Enamel is made up of calcium and phosphorous, so foods rich in these minerals can be an important aid.

What are these foods?

  • Milk and yogurt, which are obviously white without adding additional sugars other than lactose;
  • Seeds and nuts, rich in minerals including calcium;
  • Green leafy vegetables and fish rich in calcium and fluoride;
  • Water, as the introduction of water stimulates the production of saliva that fully protects oral health.
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But the essential thing to have a perfect smile and healthier teeth for a longer period is oral hygiene, which must be careful and constant. Moreover, regular check-ups with your specialist are very important.

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