Few people know that this skin cream can restore white hair color

Gray hair, or the natural process by which hair dyes over time, is often considered a defect. There are many people who spend thousands of euros annually on certain products or treatments. Purpose: to return the hair to its natural color or dye it in a new color. after a thousand Do it yourself natural remediesHowever, resorting to expensive hairdressing interventions appears to be the only truly effective treatment. At least until today. In fact, recently one research Reveal the amazing effect of vitiligo oil on hair color. Few people know that this skin cream can restore white hair color without the need for dyes and lotions. If confirmed, the theory could revolutionize the beauty routines of millions of people, saving them a lot of money.

Because hair turns white as we age

The process that makes our hair turn white is completely normal. The cause is free radicals that block the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its colour. Free radicals are the result of our body’s natural metabolic processes. Therefore, free radicals are always produced in our body, but until a certain age, a group of enzymes maintains their effect. But with age, the effect of enzymes wears off, so free radicals cause the aging of the entire organism (from skin to hair).

Free radicals build up in hair follicles and interfere with normal melanin production and cause hair to gray. But an Anglo-German team found a way to counter this phenomenon by exploiting an enzyme found in a skin ointment.

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Few people know that this skin cream can restore white hair color

Two teams of researchers from the University of Greifswald and the University of Bradford hypothesized that the effect of free radicals could be counteracted. To do this, they considered using an enzyme that would neutralize the effect of oxidative stress (which is caused by the radicals themselves). This enzyme is found in an ointment against vitiligo, a widespread skin disease that affects melatonin, a pigment that gives skin color.

The survey included 2,400 people, and it showed how an ointment containing the enzyme PC-KUS as an active ingredient can also act on hair follicles. This enzyme, in essence, neutralizes the action of free radicals, preventing melanin production from diminishing.


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