Few people know that this simple trick is enough to protect plants from the heat

The stifling heat of these months puts us to the test, and it does so with our plants too. Many note that the plants begin to turn yellow, soften, dry out and seem to let go.

It may sound silly but plants also get dehydrated, suffer heatstroke and can burn themselves just like the rest of us! This is why our job is to try to help them with simple remedies that can provide them relief.


In particular, there is a little-known method that has the dual function of providing well-being to our plants and beautifying our garden or balcony. Let’s find out what it is.

Few people know that this simple trick is enough to protect plants from the heat

We have already explained in ProiezionidiBorsa how to save an orchid and make it beautiful and strong every day in the article “To get orchids always blooming all year round, 3 simple tricks are enough“.

However, today we will explain how to comfort plants that suffer from the heat of these days.

The importance of proper irrigation

Watering is one of the main aspects of plant care. Plants in this season, except for some species such as fatty ones, need more water. That is why it is important to water it always and abundantly, with slower and longer watering carried out in the early morning or late evening.


Here is another very useful life-saving technology for our plants, which not many people think of. over there sawdust It consists in the formation of a protective layer on the floor, in order to retain moisture for a longer time and protect it from heat.

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A layer of non-woven fabric will be enough to lay it on the ground, or for potted plants it is better to put a layer of bark or expanded clay.

This is an excellent technique that will also bring another advantage: preventing the formation of weeds. Few people know that this simple trick is enough to protect plants from the heat.

The extra idea that hardly anyone thinks of

When you need to protect plants from the heat, we think about protecting them from the sun and getting them wet. Few, however, believe that they are exploiting the effects they can have on each other in favor of plants.

It is enough to assemble them and put them close to each other. This way they will create a kind of oasis of freshness where the heat will struggle to get in.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings of this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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