Few people know that this fruit can save us from stomach damage caused by alcohol

We are increasingly aware of the amount of external factors that can harm our health. Bad habits such as a very sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are indeed risk factors for various diseases.

Also, there are stronger factors such as smoking and alcohol. As for smoking, we know it’s bad regardless. However, for alcohol we must avoid abuse but it takes very little to exceed the amounts tolerated by the body.

Usually, we associate this element with liver problems. But it is actually also harmful to the stomach and the body in general.

As we said, we must avoid offence but, in addition, we can protect ourselves in some way. In fact, few people know that this fruit can save us from stomach damage caused by alcohol.

Because it hurts?

We must know that alcohol has a very negative effect on our stomach. This is because, if taken in the wrong amounts, it alters the functions of the mucous cells. These cells have a protective role on the stomach wall. In fact, they secrete this mucus which does not allow gastric juice to attack the stomach wall as well.

Alcohol acts on these cells by making them produce less mucus. Without adequate protection, the walls of the stomach become inflamed.

Therefore, even significant gastritis can develop into ulcers.

From here, we understand the great danger and how important it is to protect ourselves.

Few people know that this fruit can save us from stomach damage caused by alcohol

Fortunately, nature is sometimes a great ally for our health.

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We have already seen this when talking about stomach cancer prevention in This article.

Even today, we are not talking about treatment, but about prevention.

Thanks for one studio A fruit has been scientifically discovered to reduce the negative effect of alcohol on the walls of the stomach.

We are talking about strawberries. Thanks to its antioxidant properties and phenol content, it prevents the harmful effect of alcohol. Therefore, a diet rich in strawberries is definitely a great help for our body against these problems.

However, remember that it is always best to consult your doctor. Whether in the case of illness or to change eating habits.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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