Few people know that in the kitchen they can have a wonderful ally against breast cancer

No matter what knowledge each of us has about foods and how good they are for health, some foods are known to help us live better. Indeed, it is known that not only vegetables, but also fruits and fish are very useful. However, there are some ingredients that are not as popular, despite being equally beneficial in terms of health.

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For this reason, it can often happen to take advantage of the bandage every day without knowing it, in fact, it also has incredible benefits for our body. Perhaps we eat it for the flavor it gives food or for the color it gives to make up the dish, completely ignoring its benefits. So, this is why, in a very short time, we are revealing the potential potential of a food frequently used in the kitchen as a seasoning.


Few people know that in the kitchen they can have a wonderful ally against breast cancer

We know that spices and spices play a role as well as spice dishes. It is no coincidence that we have repeated it several times, for example, when we revealed how This spice stimulates foods and delays aging. In the same way, in today’s article we want to expand the range of knowledge of our readers, talk about one of the components that, as we will see, can reveal much more abilities than those attributed to it. In fact, few people know that in the kitchen they can have a wonderful ally against breast cancer. We are talking about the very common flaxseed. As we know, unfortunately, breast cancer is one of the most common types of breast cancer, as it affects many women.

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Research goes a long way in trying to establish guidelines regarding prevention. Both in terms of examination and visits, and of course in terms of diet. Regarding the latter, it can also be seen on the website ofAIRCMany discoveries have been made. Among this is the hypothesis that foods high in phytoestrogen, such as flaxseed, do little to help against this unsightly disease. So far, effectiveness in patients with cancer has already been demonstrated, but there are excellent reasons to believe that these foods also have positive effects in terms of prevention. For this reason, the consumption of flax seeds takes on a completely different importance, which goes beyond the simple taste and color that this food can give to the dish.

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