Few people know but this exercise performed with a very common tool can lead to more than one spine and heart problem.

Maintaining the general well-being of our body should be the first concern in any activity in life. Sometimes it happens that you turn a blind eye, thinking that doing one wrong move does not change anything. But the sum of many small errors can seriously damage the functions of the body. This is even more true when we engage in physical activity, given that in this context we aim to achieve the goal of health. That’s why everyone should invest a little time to think about the mistakes we make. One step at a time we can avoid big problems. Indeed, few people know about it, but this exercise, which is performed with a very popular tool, can create more than one problem for the spine and heart diseases.

It’s time to find out what it is, as many of us train like this.


Available in any gym

It’s in any public or private gym in Italy, and it takes up very little space, and we often use it to warm up or for a real training session. In fact, the high amount of calories you allow to burn and the pace you provide to exercise makes it easy and fun. But there is a quandary around the corner for those who are distracted. We are talking about a jump rope. Indeed, it may happen that in order to focus on rhythmic and continuous movement (and on the fact not to risk falling) we forget to pay attention to the position of the back.

Above all, those who do not use it very spontaneously risk carrying out these two actions. The first is to look anxiously toward the ground, making sure the rope itself is not obstructed. However, in doing so, the neck bends forward, even more so at a moment of great stress such as a jump. The second, on the other hand, has to do with the position of the back, which is often folded forward to better accommodate the movement. However, doing so goes against one of the principles we must respect in physical activity, which is to keep the spine in line with the body. It is clear that complete natural movement and perfect harmony are gained with time and exercise, but it is necessary to strive for the complete well-being of the body. Then there is another aspect to pay attention to.

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Few people know but this exercise performed with a very common tool can lead to more than one spine and heart problem.

Rope jumping is an activity Exercise Very physically demanding. Estimated it in 30 minutes work out You can burn up to 400 calories. This is one of the reasons why many athletes do this on a daily basis. However, the large number of heartbeats required can present problems for those with heart disease. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult your doctor beforehand before undertaking any training or exercises of this kind. Your consent will help and guide us in the exercise. Finally, also pay attention to the knees. In fact, if you feel pain or are in the initial forms of arthritis, it is better to engage in other, less high-impact activities.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and is in no way a substitute for medical advice and/or the opinion of a specialist. Furthermore, it does not constitute an element for formulating a diagnosis or prescribing treatment. For this reason it is recommended, in any case, to seek Always see a doctor or specialist and read the warnings provided. Who is the”)

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