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Ferrari’s future speaks… electric. Now there are no more doubts about it: yesterday the CEO of the car manufacturer Prancing Horse Benedict Vigna It announced that the new factory that will house the factory’s production will be ready in June next year The first fully electric model from the brand, whose debut is expected the following year.

no acquisition

Ferrari’s number spoke about it on Bloomberg’s mics, but that wasn’t the only topic he touched on. On the discussion table is also the possibility of a Maranello house Acquire other competing supercar manufacturersa hypothesis that popped into the heads of some analysts but was promptly rejected by Vigna himself.

Vigna’s words

I don’t think that makes sense to us Buy another supercar manufacturer, because we believe that when it comes to luxury businesses, it’s important to maintain the company’s DNA – her words – It is important for us to work Enriching the technology portfolioAnd there are different ways to do this: by bringing in skills, or through partnerships. Ferrari is a company of high luxury, in which technology plays an important role.

Confidence in the race

Speaking of technology, Vigna made it clear that not only the company’s first fully electric car will be built at the new plant in Maranello, a choice that confirms the desirability. Flexibility It has been commented on many times by the CEO of the Italian house. He concluded by emphasizing the importance of motorsports to Ferrari’s road models: “We cannot do without races because they are very important to us, they were and will be in the DNA of our company. Competitions are one of the areas where We will continue to investBecause we see a lot of technology moving from the races to the road.”

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