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Ferrari attack? It can not be otherwise in light British Grand Prix, 2022 Formula 1 World Championship Tour. On the British track, Rossa wants to reverse the trend and prove that it is working on a circuit where the need for a balanced and efficient car is important.

That’s why the Maranello team made quite a few updates at the UK event. Related upgrades Hood, revised tummy, mirrors with inserts, cooling, lowering bellies, rear mirrors and rear cooling outlets.

For any reason? All this in the function of improving aerodynamic efficiency, and then combined with the use of a new rear spoiler that Monaco already had Charles Leclerc It has been used in Canada. Less load solution for better straight line performance.

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It would be really interesting to understand the impact on the track in the presence of Red Bull, dominant in terms of results from Imola GP, which should offer a “lighter” version of the RB18.

Photo: La Presse

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