Ferrari, What boils in anticipation of measles in Australia

season Ferrari It started wrong and now in Maranello they are preparing a kind of ‘revolution’ to get out of the quicksand immediately and not risk running out of luck too soon. The Prancing Horse men are preparing new rear suspension and some aerodynamic tweaks to try and undercut World Champion Max Verstappen starting at the upcoming Melbourne Grand Prix.

Frederic Vasseur And his team is already in deep trouble as drivers Carlos Sainz e Charles Locklear Together, they placed, in the first two races of the season, fourth and sixth places for the Spaniard respectively, and a retiring seventh place for the Monaco. “Now we’re going to Australia,” sighed a frustrated Charles Leclerc in Jeddah, “and then we’ll have three crucial weeks to work.” Melbourne-Baku-Miami is the first of three races in which Ferrari will have to prove that they have fixed some of the SF-23’s problems, because long-term work has to be done but now it is necessary to stop and limit the damage. The ‘new’ single-seater will make its debut on the weekend of the Emilia-Romagna GP race scheduled at Imola on May 21, that is, in the first European round of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship calendar.

At Ferrari, the drivers in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia immediately sounded alarm bells and efforts will be made to address the single-seater driver’s seat with interventions targeting the characteristics of the various racetracks. Therefore, a new combination of stiffness is needed, to improve texture and softness, in favor of cohesion. The effect is only possible with a fresh suspension. Obviously, la should be taken as a model Red Bull who has dominated the world championships in the past two seasons and is a favorite to do so again this year.

It was at Maranello that they finally understood that they had to follow the example of the best to try to reach victory, and they would be inspired. The starting point will be moving the upper triangle of the suspension to the base of the airfoil. In other words, the monolithic edifice already seen in Jeddah. For each change made by the new referee of the commentary, coherent corrections must conform to the preferred flows.

Ferrari problem

Carlos Sainzwho is currently the one with the best results in the first two races, explained Red’s real problem: “We have a tire overheating problem, and when we’re chasing that problem comes up even more. That’s probably the main problem with the SF-23,” he told the race. “I didn’t have a couple of good qualifying sessions, but the feel of the car is good. I think the biggest difficulties were the dirty weather conditions and the first stint in Bahrain. It was also very difficult to chase the other cars in Jeddah in the first stint with this car. Otherwise, I’m always comfortable in training.” Heat, while with this car I haven’t been able to do good laps in qualifying. But that doesn’t worry me, because I know that as the season goes on and as confidence in the car improves, qualifying will come.”

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